How To Watch Bigg Boss 7 Tamil In The USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Singapore

Watching a Reality Show is different from watching other Programs like Serials, Movies, Songs, Dance Programs, etc. In Reality shows, you will see the real personality of the Actors whereas in movies you cannot where they need to act one or the other role.

How to Watch Bigg Boss 7 Tamil In the USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Singapore and Canada

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil will stream on the Hotstar app and People living in America, the UK or Europe cannot watch Bigg Boss because they cannot install that in the USA. Here we are giving you all the details about how people outside india can also watch this Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Show without Missing It.

Change Location through VPN App

Residents of the USA and Uk cannot watch Bigg Boss Tamil, So they Need to download VPN APP and Change their Location to India. Only with this method they can watch Bigg Boss Tamil and also they can vote through Hot Star App

Watch Bigg Boss 7 Tamil in USA, UK & Europe

Below is the Process we have given you on how to watch this reality show in America, Europe, and other Countries.

What are the Benefits of Using Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

  1. You can access content from other countries
  2. It unlocks the restricted contents 
  3. Your browsing history will be hidden and you can enjoy privacy
  4. Without any fear you can use WiFi and your personal information will be secured
  5. It grants a temporary IP address of the region in which the server you are using at present

How to Use a VPN?

  1. Download Virtual Private Network (VPN) from Google Play Store or through an online service provider
  2. Signup in VPN and Create an Account
  3. Most of the VPNs ask for Subscription money, but there are some VPNs available for free
  4. Go to Settings in VPN App and there in service you Select India
  5. In the Vpn Browser Open the Hotstar App and and start streaming Bigg Boss 5 Tamil

Apps Recommended to Watch Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Online


In Hotstar or Disney+ Hotstar, you can watch all the Episodes of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil without a mission. You can also vote in this app.


If you are unable to view Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 episodes on Disney+ Hostar then use VPN and connect to INDIA if you are from the United States, Singapore, Australia, Europe, and the UK.

Daily you can give 10 votes to contestants with the help of this Hot Star. Many latest films, serials, and local shows stream in Hotstar app. Other regional Cinemas also stream in Hot Star. 


RTS TV is another alternative app to watch Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 all episodes. However, this is not recommended as the digital rights for bigg boss Tamil season 5 were bagged by Hotstar India.


This is the illegal way to watch bigg boss Tamil season 5, we recommend our readers watch bigg boss Tamil season 5 only on star maa or Hotstar.


Voot is another OTT App and a website where you can watch Bigg Boss 5 Tamil. Most of the top Hindi reality TV shows run on Voot App.

You need to subscribe it to watch all episodes at one go. Both Hotstar & Voot also has geographical restrictions it doesn’t work outside India.


Voot works only for Hindi Bigg Boss Shows.

VPN can solve this Problem as explained before. You just need to change your location in IP address to India, if you stay Outside India.

Yupp TV App

Yupp TV App is just like Hotstar and Voot. But it works in some parts of the USA. If it doesn’t get downloaded then use the VPN method, change location, and enjoy watching all episodes of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil. 


Yupp TV works only for Hindi Bigg Boss Shows.


Highlights will regularly stream on Youtube. There are no Geographical Restrictions for Youtube.

Almost all Episodes can be watched on youtube but after live streaming of the Show. On Youtube, you can also see strategic reviews whereas you can’t find that in Apps like Hotstar, Yupptv, or Voot.


YouTube is not the right platform to watch full episodes as Hotstar owns all the rights to stream bigg boss 5 Tamil episodes. You can only watch highlights on YouTube.

A lot of Creators are online on Youtube to update about the latest happenings in Bigg Boss 5 Tamil.


Bigg Boss is a family reality show. Everyone can watch this show. The craze for this reality show is increasing day by day. The real characters of Celebrities can be seen through this Show. So, Dont Miss the Opportunity, to watch Bigg Boss 7 Tamil in whatever way you like.

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