Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Starting Date 2023

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Starting Date 2023: The first season of “Bigg Boss Tamil,” India’s most popular and talked-about reality show, was a huge hit, giving viewers a good reason to look forward to the show’s return every year. Vikraman Radhakrishnan came in second, behind Mohammed Azeem, who won the sixth season. Bigg Boss Tamil fans, on the other hand, have been looking forward to season seven ever since season six ended, and the show’s overall season TRP was quite high. Bigg Boss 7 Tamil will finally start airing in October 2023, after a long wait.

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Starting Date 2023

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Starting Date 2023

No exact date has been set, but Bigg Boss Tamil 7 is likely to start airing in the first week of October. This time, not many “regular people” will be participating. The public will soon be able to find out how to sign up, when auditions are, and any other important information.

After six seasons, people who watch The Bigg Boss Tamil know how the show works. As usual, The Bigg Boss 7 Tamil will be about 106 days.

Many people think that Bigg Boss Tamil will still have the most watchers after Season 7. Kamal Hasaan has been hosting the show for the past six years, but he is busy with a lot of projects, so we’ll see if he stays or not.

Bigg Boss Tamil has only ever been filmed in Chennai, and people close to the show say that Bigg Boss Tamil 7 will also be filmed there. For each season, the number of episodes, when they will air, where they will air, and other information has been mentioned. Have a look at the list below.

Season First aired Last aired Episodes House Location
Season 1 25th June 2017 30th September 2017 98 Chennai
Season 2 17th June 2018 30th September 2018 106 Chennai
Season 3 23rd  June 2019 6th October 2019 106 Chennai
Season 4 4th October 2020 17th January 2021 106 Chennai
Season 5 3rd October 2021 16th January 2022 106 Chennai
Season 6 9th October 2022 22 January 2023 106 Chennai
Season 7 Oct 2023 January 106 Chennai

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 will air for the first time on Disney+Hotstar and Star Vijay. Each show will air the day after something important happened the day before. Even though Kamal Haasan has a lot on his plate with his many projects, he will still be the speaker.

Sources say that this time around, Bigg Boss wants to make this show as big as possible. The house will be even fancier than before, and security will be even tighter than before.

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