Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Format

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Format: Bigg Boss show is unlike other reality shows. The show became the most popular because of the concept. Locking random people in a house, giving them tasks, no contact with the outside world for about 3 months, all seem quite fascinating to the viewers, however, they loved and started watching shows across the country. Now, the show has become the most successful show in all languages. Here in this article, we will know if the format has changed or not for Bigg Boss 7 Tamil.

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Format

From Bigg Boss season 1 to season 6, the format hasn’t changed much. In the beginning, if the contestant eliminates, then there is no chance of re-entry. However, now if a contestant elates, he/she might come again with a wild card entry.

Bigg Boss team’s ultimate aim is to entertain and engage the viewers. In order to engage the viewers, the Bigg Boss team gives some tough situations to create a fight among contestants.

This time Bigg Boss 7 Tamil contestants’ count will be the same, the format will be the same but the tasks are going to be very tough. I’m sure Bigg Boss 7 Tamil is going to be more entertaining than season 6.

As per the sources, the Bigg Boss team is planning to introduce cutting-edge technology in viewing the show. I’m sure the show will give you a unique experience.

Kamal Haasan is another advantage of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil. He is going to charge a whopping amount of 130 crores. The Bigg Boss 7 Tamil will be premiered on 08 October 2023.

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Vijayaraj P
Vijayaraj P
8 months ago

I like tha bb one chance pls l am only tamil l am power family one chance sir pls na 4 5 6 7 season for the application one chance please

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